Tuesday, July 13, 2010


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Friday, July 9, 2010

What I Feel

I don't know how to say this to you, but my heart are bleeding every time i see you passing me, though i know that you never know how much "you mean to me" but I'm always wishing that you will recognize this heart that beats for only you. and how i wish you will recognize me more than a friend. it's so hard keeping this silent love, deep inside my heart, hard to say I'm ok when I'm not, hard to smile when i feel like crying, so hard to see that your with someone laughing, while I'm wishing to be in that persons place. hard to accept that there will never be "Us".

I Love you but I know that you will never be mine, and so painful to accept that more than friendship will never come true... I love you... you love someone, and I'm wishing for your happiness ever if it means... breaking my own heart...

Thursday, July 8, 2010


Love is when you can't be apart from someone for too
long...you're always thinking of them, and when you're with them you never want to say goodbye. Love is far from simple. It's quite complex. It's a mix of about everything. It's
sadness, joy, passion, hatred, excitement, it's almost
every feeling you can imagine and more. You know love when you
find it, it's that person that when they smile it brightens
up your day, you can't stop staring at them for fear of losing
them, they're always on your mind, you daydream of being with
them, even if they're less than 20 feet away...and you
can't stand it when they're not with you, the worst feeling you
could ever feel is when you know that person you love is not with you...you can't tell when love will happen, you just know when it does, that moment when you first lay eyes on that person, and you never want to look away...that is love. Nothing less.

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