Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Do you?

You want the truth?

Well the truth is,

I get jealous whenever you mention another girl’s name.

I like teasing you so that you won’t notice how much I’m into you.

I pretend that I’m like someone else just so I’d see how you’d react.

I often visit your blog,your facebook even your formsping, but almost never leave anything cause I’m too scared that you’ll think I’m too obsessive.

I don’t like it when you don’t ask me to stay when I’m about to go to bed.

I like how you call me names. I love how you stand next to me whenever I look at the mirror.

I love You Boy!

Do I have to explain everything when I say I love you? can’t you feel it?


Love cannot explain.. but it can be express..


Sometime I think Why Did I love you so much, when you can’t return even 1% of that love..

Wish you where here…… I Love you Stupid..

what I need

All I need is you, your hands, your touch, your kiss, your love, and your heart. please Don’t let me go..

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