Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Do you?

You want the truth?

Well the truth is,

I get jealous whenever you mention another girl’s name.

I like teasing you so that you won’t notice how much I’m into you.

I pretend that I’m like someone else just so I’d see how you’d react.

I often visit your blog,your facebook even your formsping, but almost never leave anything cause I’m too scared that you’ll think I’m too obsessive.

I don’t like it when you don’t ask me to stay when I’m about to go to bed.

I like how you call me names. I love how you stand next to me whenever I look at the mirror.

I love You Boy!

Do I have to explain everything when I say I love you? can’t you feel it?


Love cannot explain.. but it can be express..


Sometime I think Why Did I love you so much, when you can’t return even 1% of that love..

Wish you where here…… I Love you Stupid..

what I need

All I need is you, your hands, your touch, your kiss, your love, and your heart. please Don’t let me go..

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

4 Letters

4 Letters

Love dont exist
Just a 4-letter word
doesnt mean anything
or atleast not to me
you can love all you want
but i dont care
love dont exist in my world
you can love until you give up
i gave up already
i gave love quits
never to love again
because love is stupid
love is dumb
all it leads to heartaches
and i had to many of those
so love means nothing
love is pain
so quit while you can
or you'll feel heartless
like me

Lauren Delgado

Falling in Love With a Player

Falling in Love With a Player

I fell in love with you
and then you broke my heart,
I knew never to love a player,
I was wrong from the start...
Loving you was like ripping out my heart.
I refused to look around me and see
all the terrible things you were doing to me,
I was in my own world and I didn't see all the trouble you were,
I was deeply in love.
Now that's all ruined, you see,
All because you played me,
You had looks, you had charm,
You were slick with your words,
You knew just what to say.
I was foolish to think
we were made for each other,
I always prayed you
would never love another,
I wanted us to always be with each other.
Loving a player is one of the
hardest things ever,
I have learned a lot
from my experiences with you,
My heart was broken into two.
I know now, as I look back on my past,
Dating a player will never last,
So, in my future I'll watch what I do,
I won't date anymore players,
But I'll still always love you.

Lindsey Nicole Milke


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